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What Our Members Are Saying

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“This place has made me feel a part of something again. My motivation has continued to grow with the encouragement I get. I love to work out again.”

- Kasey

“I enjoy the Tri-State Crossfit environment, these are very nice people here to talk with and to push you through the workouts, and the coaches and owners are some great people.” 

- Jon

“Tri-State Crossfit is an amazing community of athletes! I love all the members cheering each other on and pushing each other. The coaches are encouraging and extremely helpful.”

- Anonymous

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start?

Unless you’re coming to work out at Tri-State Crossfit from another CrossFit affiliate or have relatively extensive experience with Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Plyometrics, and the general CrossFit movements, you need to sign-up for our On-Ramp program. All of our new athletes go through this program so that they can get a basic understanding of the sport. On-Ramp provides time for our coaches to get to know you.

How often should I come?

How often you attend a class, depends on what you want to achieve. We do not recommend more than 5 days per week. There are certainly athletes that come more, but we find that athletes who train for 5 days and rest for 2, are the most successful. To attend 6-7 days may cause an athlete to over train.

The bare minimum for attending classes would be 2 days/week. Most athletes at Tri-State Crossfit come between 3-5 days per week. It is suggested for beginner athletes to attend 3 classes a week, to get the foundation for CrossFit, and get the body adapted to the movements. With a proper nutrition/supplementation plan, the body can make some amazing changes. Attending 5 days a week will make the process quicker.

What does a Tri-State Crossfit class look like?

Classes at Tri-State Crossfit are a full 1-hour block of time. Every class is led by at least 1 coach, sometimes 2. A typical class structure:

12 minute warm-up

8-10 minute stretch & mobility

10-15 minutes working on strength movement (powerlifting, Olympic lifting)

5 minutes reviewing movements

10-20 minutes of conditioning workout (Metcon, metabolic conditioning)

What is the On-Ramp Program?

The On-Ramp Program is Tri-State Crossfit’s introductory program. The On-Ramp begins with learning how to safely use the facility and the equipment. We teach bodyweight movements (i.e. squat, push up) in the first few classes, and as the classes continue, the athlete learns various weightlifting movements. This program is essential to both new and veteran athletes, as it is important to know the CrossFit techniques and be proficient for daily classes. The On-Ramp also introduces you to other athletes who may be starting their fitness journey.

Why does CrossFit cost so much?

There is nothing more valuable than your fitness and health! The Tri-State Crossfit unlimited membership is $100/month; for those athletes that attend classes 5 days per week or 20 days per month, that is only $5 per class! With that membership, you receive personalized coaching, nutritional/supplementation advice, and a healthy community. For the cost of $100 per month, you will not receive any greater return for your health and wellness than CrossFit.

How is Tri-State Crossfit different from other gyms?

CrossFit gyms are very different from normal gyms; and Tri-State Crossfit is no exception. The facility at Tri-State Crossfit has barbells, rowing machines, weights, medicine balls, kettlebells, box, and mobility equipment. The athletes at Tri-State Crossfit are not just another member, we truly care about each individual and feel passionate about helping each athlete in their fitness journey. We frequently contact an athlete if they are not around for more than a few weeks.

Tri-State Crossfit was one of the very first CrossFit boxes in Northeast Connecticut. As time has passed, other CrossFit gyms have opened up in the area. We are different from other CrossFit gyms, but also the same. All CrossFit gyms operate under the same principles. Tri-State Crossfit has different workouts, coaches, ideals and community than the other gyms in the area. We strongly believe that Tri-State Crossfit offers the best CrossFit service in the area. There may be other CrossFit affiliates in the area, but Tri-State has our own unique style of training and community.

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