Jeff Wallace Owner and Head Coach

Jeff Wallace

Owner / Head Coach

“I love seeing athletes do things they never thought possible.”

Even before I became involved in CrossFit while working as an Occupational Therapist Assistant, I realized that I wanted to help people become healthy. I have always enjoyed helping others, and helping them become better athletes can give people a boost in life. I was hooked on CrossFit in 2011 and have loved every aspect of the sport & community.

CrossFit has translated well beyond the gym walls for me. It has become my lifestyle; the constant pursuit of excellence. My drive for helping others and succeeding has grown the gym into a big, supportive community. The relationships and camaraderie that I see daily is incredible.

The best part about owning a CrossFit gym is seeing the empowerment in each individual. I love seeing athletes do things they never thought possible.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Mobility Trainer
Certified Massage Therapist

Danielle Wallace Coach

Danielle Wallace


“I love that CrossFit is something the entire family can partake in.”

In the four years that I have been teaching fitness, I have seen exercise affect the lives of many athletes, inside and outside the gym. One of the best part in working with new athletes is seeing them transform into energetic, healthy, positive individuals.

My family is most important to me, and I love that CrossFit is something the entire family can partake in; husband, children, parents, siblings and cousins. CrossFit is such an awesome thing to share with everyone, a healthy lifestyle of activity and eating clean. Through CrossFit, our lives have become better as a whole.

I have been working with children since age 18, but only through CrossFit Kids have I gotten to see what is most effective for teaching kids physically and mentally. I love my role as the CrossFit Kids Trainer! It is so awesome to be able to teach kids great habits from young age, don’t we all wish we started CrossFit at age 4?! I get to teach the children about a clean and strong life, having fun, and supporting each other. I can’t wait to see which our CrossFit Kids will be partaking in the CrossFit Games some day!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Kids Trainer
CPR, American Heart Association

Danielle Wallace Coach

Dan Bavosi


“I am thankful for becoming a part of this community as well as this team of coaches.”

I have been working on my fitness since I was a teen. I followed the usual globo gym workouts and became bored with not only the lack of variety but the lack of community. That all changed about 7 years ago when I walked into my first CrossFit box. I fell in love with the entire aspect of community and wellness.

I thoroughly enjoy walking into Tri-State CrossFit and knowing everyone and cheering them on and watching them improve in not only strength but technique.

Since starting Crossfit, I have become stronger and faster. I didn’t think it was possible to make significant gains at this stage of my life, but the PRs keep on coming!  I can’t wait to help others achieve their goals. Boredom is no longer a worry.

Crossfit Level I

Karin Cournoyer Coach

Karin Cournoyer


“I truly enjoy helping people to see that CrossFit builds strength and confidence.”

I found CrossFit while going through a fairly challenging period of my life.  I knew almost instantly that it was the sport for me.  I had been a multi-sport athlete throughout my childhood, but had kind of lost sight of that through college, entering the workforce, and becoming a mom to my girls.  When I started my on-ramp at Tri-State Crossfit, I found a way to experience all that I had loved about organized athletics as a busy, working adult.  Just like with sports, there are opportunities for growth, competition, camaraderie, and an overwhelming sense of family and community.

Another aspect of CrossFit that appealed to me is the way that it mirrors life; there are good days and off days; struggles, accomplishments, and everything in between.  I’ve learned so much about myself and my character while making my way through various workouts!  Whether you finish a workout first, last, or somewhere in between, there is always so much encouragement from other members and coaches.  All of that and I am in the best physical shape of my life!

I became a coach so that I can help others to experience all CrossFit in the same life-changing ways that I have.  I truly enjoy helping people to see that CrossFit builds strength and confidence; regardless of where you are physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Coach at CrossFit 860 since May 2016

Helping someone to get a movement or lift that they’ve been struggling with and/or working on for a long time!  My favorite part of coaching is working with the female clients in the gym (no offense to all of the awesome guys at Tir-State!).  As a woman, I know that stepping into a gym can sometimes feel sort of intimidating.  So, I really enjoy encouraging the women and helping them to find their confidence.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Deb Borski Coach

Deb Borski


CrossFit has changed my perspective on myself and the world.”

Walking into Tri-State Crossfit over 2 ½ years ago, I had no idea what it had in store for me. My changes were not only physical, but mental as well. CrossFit has changed my perspective on myself and the world. I am truly amazed at the progress I have made since day one. The voice of doubt is no longer the dominate voice. I have seen first-hand what CrossFit has done for me and I am excited to have the opportunity to watch what it can do for others as they accomplish their goals.

I am proud to be , not only member of our positive, supportive community at Tri-State Crossfit, but also a part of an awesome team of coaches.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Benjamin Frank Coach

Benjamin Frank


“I love helping others on their personal fitness journey…”

I’ve been coaching CrossFit since 2008 and now I’m hyped to be part of the community at Tri-State Crossfit. My coaching journey started by leading friends, family and coworkers through workouts at local parks and in my garage. The idea of a broad and inclusive approach to fitness that I first learned through training CrossFit has continued to shape my approach to coaching others. I love helping others on their personal fitness journey whether they’re looking to get stronger, run faster, lose excess body weight or get off blood pressure medications. I have a particular focus in my coaching on making sure that members and athletes are moving well and using proper form. I bring a positive, motivating energy to classes and training sessions and hope to help our members achieve their fitness goals.

I hold multiple weightlifting certifications, am Functional Movement Screen certified (meaning I can help you identify and correct movement imbalances and mobility limitations) and love coaching the gymnastics movements found within CrossFit. I also love running, coaching running and nothing makes me happier than helping people move from “I hate running!” to “Wow, running is so much easier now!”

My personal fitness practice involves tackling multiple CrossFit workouts each week, trail running, gymnastics and spending as much time outdoors as possible. I have played and competed in multiple sports including wrestling, soccer, running and all types of bicycle racing.

CrossFit Level 2, March 2011
CrossFit Level 1, July 2010 & August 2016
Functional Movement Screen Certified
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit Mobility
CrossFit Endurance & Running
Attendee at
Chad Vaughn Weightlifting Seminar
Jon North (Attitude Nation) Weightlifting Seminar

Benjamin Frank Coach

Shane Michalski


“I love all aspects of Crossfit.”

Two and a half years ago I was given an opportunity to play football again, this time with the Green Valley Blackhawks. However, my 18-year-old brain and 38-year-old body had different experiences. I turned to CrossFit to get in shape. After a few months of playing football, I realized it wasn’t football that I missed, it was the camaraderie, being part of a team and friendships that I missed. It’s at that point I realized I was getting more satisfaction out of my Crossfit class and hung up my cleats for barbells.
I love all aspects of Crossfit. The community, WOD challenges, family-friendly atmosphere and most of all the benefits from a complete body workout. No one day is like another, just when you think you’re doing really well, you get humbled by a WOD. My day is not complete unless I’ve gone to Crossfit. It ends my day, calms my brain and feeds my body.

CrossFit Level 1