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To sign up, simply contact us by clicking here, or coming in to the gym and filling out a form! Before you sign up, there are a few links below that can give you a better feel for the CrossFit experience.

CrossFit is a distinctive fitness program that focuses on a variety of objectives including diet, intensity, and pace, that all contribute to physical success.

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If you are not sure about CrossFit you may come in for a Free Intro Class!


You may call 860-420-7683 or email info@tristatecrossfit.com to set up a time for your Free Intro Class.

This free class will allow you to see our 3,200 sq ft facility, participate in a CrossFit workout, and meet with a coach who can answer any questions you may have about CrossFit, our facility, and getting started.



Through the eight session on-ramp program you will become familiar with a variety of important movements and lifts essential to CrossFit programming. You will learn how the gym functions as well familiarize yourself with the equipment and the facility.

The ultimate goal of the on- ramp program is to allow the member to perform the WOD safely and effectively while reaping the benefits at the same time. At the completion of the on-ramp program, new members will have full access to gym functions. After you begin to get the basics down in the On Ramp Program, you start to feel the effects of CrossFit.

Theres more to learn from the CrossFit experience than just coming to the gym and being able to do pull-ups. There’s a lifestyle, a shift in mentality. You begin to experience dedication to something that has results. These results aren’t only physical, but also inner personal strength. Even on your first day with the On Ramp Program, you see the positive atmosphere CrossFit provides, where everyone is motivating one another and helping each other attain their goals.

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