About Tri-State Crossfit

Stop Waiting. Start Doing.


CrossFit is a full-body workout that combines weightlifting, gymnastics and high intensity cardio. We have a strength and conditioning program that is the most effective in preparing you for the unexpected. CrossFit uses a broad range of tools, modalities, and workouts.

CrossFit is for ANYONE and EVERYONE. If you can walk, sit, stand, push or pull, then you can participate in this training. It is intense, our athletes train hard. We are constantly reaching goals we never thought possible, which is one of the most rewarding aspects of the sport

We pride ourselves on our community and training together. All of us are working hard individually to get stronger, but we are reaching these goals together. It is common to see a group of athletes cheering on the last person to complete the workout. Tri-State Crossfit has an atmosphere that is supportive, yet competitive. We have strong individuals (inside and outside the gym), and could not be more proud of our box.

“I enjoy the Tri-State Crossfit environment, these are very nice people here to talk with and to push you through the workouts, and the coaches and owners are some great people.”